Who is the Parallax Control Engine for?
Ideal for integrators interested in controlling RS232 and IP enabled AV devices such as displays, projectors, HDMI switchers, USB switchers, PTZ cameras, Relays, DSP's and other in room devices, in a more cost-effective and proprietary free manner than what the AV industry currently offers. For integrators familiar with industry programming standards, we offer a benefit that provides reduced hardware costs, comparable control capabilities, and an unparalled user-interface experience. Additionally, our cloud control system allows integrators to effectivly compete in the global control system market.
About The Parallax Control Engine
The Parallax Control Engine is a control system environment that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi4 (OS-Lite Server) or hosted virtually in the cloud on an AWS Lightsail Server (Ubuntu Server OS). It was developed to be used as an alternative control system solution that uses open standards rather than rather expensive proprietary systems.
The Parallax Control Engine was created to bypass the need for proprietary hardware, out of date software and limited UI tools that have become common among control system manufactures over the years. Our system was created to work with Unity Software as the front-end interface. The Unity Game Engine has been adopted by industries outside video gaming, such as film, automotive, architecture, engineering, construction, and the United States Armed Forces. Additionally, it is common to find programmers who first learned to program on Unity, therefore making it easier for AV integrators to find programmers capable of developing with tools they already know.
Getting Started
Programmers familiar with Digital, Analog and Serial Joins will find it easy to link control programming to the user interface application. With Unity, you can easily create interfaces by dragging and dropping buttons, sliders and even your own custom-built tools right onto the canvas. Simply wire up the join numbers and export to iPad, Android, Mac, or PC. Additionally, drivers that integrate with the Parallax Control Engine are being created to quickly integrate with major av products such as AV Pro Edge, Biamp, Aver, Brainboxes and more. Getting started is easy and only takes a few minutes to deploy a new control system environment to the Raspberry Pi.
The Parallax Control Engine is the control system enviornment that lives on the hardware you provide. We charge $500 per license, which includes up to 10 programming slots. The Parallax Control Engine is the choice for integrators who want to be free to control off the shelf hardware, with modern user-interfaces that clients have come to expect.

Parallax Control Engine

The Parallax Control Engine, optimized for the Raspberry Pi4

Sample Basic User-Interface for iPad or Android

Custom designed user-interfaces, no pre-canned templates.
Flip between Zoom/Teams and your control panel app.
Use our device management software for full control of user experience, as well as remote support and mangement of tablets.

Use with physical push buttons instead of touchpanel

Great for budget systems requiring simple, yet intelligent control.

When an iPad is overkill, utilize an aesthetically pleasing RDL push button keypad to make your selection (not included). In this example we utilized user button presses to automate the projector startup/shutdown sequence. The Raspberry Pi sends a unique serial command to the projector to turn on/off, and triggers the motorized screens relay to lower/raise. LED feedback on the keypad shows the current state of operation.

Works with basic analog systems

Parallax Control Engine : Virtual Cloud Control

Parallax Control Engine, optimized to run on the cloud at AWS, Azure or Google
Deploy control to client sites within minutes, no hardware processor required. Deploy control globally within minutes.

Explore devices we control

With the Parallax Control System you can build your own c# modules to control just about any device.

Parallax Control Engine for Video Switching

Control HDMI and USB matrix switching components through the web

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Parallax Control Engine for Visca PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt, zoom, call presets through the web

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Parallax Control Engine for Audio DSP

Send triggers, call presets and communicate with industry leading Biamp DSP

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Parallax Control Engine for Camera Streaming

Control and direct camera streams as video sources for your integrated av system.

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Parallax Control Engine for Power Control

Control power sequences through on-board ethernet ports for projectors and displays

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Parallax Control Engine for Videowalls

Control power, sleep, video sources, tv channels, video based zone control

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Parallax Control Engine for Paging

Page to specific zones, talkback, record, stream live and archive

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Parallax Control Engine for Remote AV Management

Manage and monitor your nationwide higher-ed or corporate locations from a single app.

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Reduce truck rolls with cloud services

Need to update a user-interface? Or add a new device? No need to visit your client site. No on-site PC or remote software required.

Read how cloud-based control streamlines efficiency and sustainability (coming soon)

How To Buy

Parallax Control is a fully managed service which requires a custom quote based on your scope of work. Integrators with at least 1 programmer may apply to become a dealer

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